A Villa Holiday In Greece

by Dave
Myrtos Beach

Greece has many beautiful islands on the Mediterranean Sea that has a huge appeal to tourists. The island is renowned for its cuisine, warm weather, beaches, and history. If you imagine a holiday in the sun, it is likely that the image you conjure in your mind will resemble the beauty of Greece. A great way to enjoy a holiday is by staying in a luxury Villa. A luxury holiday villa is a great way of enjoying a Greek holiday while avoiding the hustle and bustle of the major tourist spots for a lot of the time. Being able to get up in the morning and eat breakfast on your patio or relax by your own private swimming pool with a book or to sunbathe is an ideal way to relax and savour the Greek weather.

Luxury villas

Luxury villa rentals are also a great idea if you have a family. Having private grounds to yourself is a great way of ensuring that your children have plenty of space to play while you can be happy that they are safe and not bothering anyone else. Being a home from home, your holiday villa can also run to you and your family’s schedule, so you do not have to worry about having to adhere to hotel mealtimes, or the children waking people up in the next room while they play in high spirits.

Lagonisi is an ideal location for your holiday villa. Just south Athens, Lagonisi is ideally positioned between the sea and many attractions. The Beach at Lagonisi is renowned for being of a high standard and very picturesque. There are lots of activities to enjoy nearby including golf, scuba diving and even helicopter trips.

A Villa Holiday In Greece - Temple of Poseidon

If you want to experience some of the Greek history, there is the Temple of Poseidon a short distance along the coast in Cape Sounion. There is also plenty to see in Athens such as the ancient acropolis that dominates the ancient city. The Parthenon has stood tall for over 2000 years. Excavations in Greece have provided museums like the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art with priceless collections of artefacts.

The pristine views and tranquil setting with beautiful beaches and all the history you could wish to see are sure to contribute to a perfect Greek holiday in a luxury villa.


Image credit: Tony Hisgett, mendhak.

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