Exotic Beach Holidays in Mauritius

by Dave
beach holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean, 1,200 miles from the south-east Coast of Africa. The island boasts 93 miles of sandy beaches and is surrounded by its own coral reef, teeming with colourful marine life. These features help to make Mauritius, famous as the home of the long extinct dodo, most people’s idea of a topical paradise island. Perhaps you are taking a well-earned rest after a difficult year or are taking the children or grandchildren on the holiday of a lifetime or maybe you are on honeymoon. Whatever the reason for your break you will not be disappointed with an exotic beach holiday in Mauritius; and there is so much to do.

Stunning beaches for everyone

The beaches are lined with many luxurious resorts so no individual one ever seems crowded. Most resorts have their own luxury spas and as each resort differs slightly in what it offers do check that it can fully meet your requirements before booking. If you are on honeymoon there are specialist companies on the island that will put together a bespoke package for you. Service standards across the Island are exemplary with both professional and friendly staff.

Visitors to Mauritius report that the resorts are so good that people must really motivate themselves to go further afield. Think what a shame it would be if you missed out on that horse riding lesson along the beach, cantering in and out of the waves.

Exotic beach holidays in Mauritius - Sunset

Venture away from the beaches

Spend a day inland hiking through the Black River Gorges National Park where waterfalls are plenty and you can spot multi-coloured parakeets, pink pigeons and other indigenous species. Hire a car, drive to Troux aux Cerfs and hike up the dormant volcano overlooking the town of Curepipe. The Nature Park in Riviera des Anguilles is another must see, particularly if you have children with you. They will be fascinated at the 23,000 inspect species housed there along with bat and iguana enclosures.

Exotic beach holidays in Mauritius - explore in boats

Sea Kayaking under expert guidance is a great way to see the beach from a different perspective. Visit the lagoons, offshore islands and many coves that break up the coastline. The azure waters of the Indian Ocean and the genteel sea breezes make sailing a great experience. Choose from the different vessels available. A catamaran cruise to the mangroves of ile d’ Ambre or a nearby island is well worthwhile, or perhaps you prefer a yacht trip; if money is not an issue you could hire a fully staffed luxury yacht for a whole day!

An exotic beach holiday is a fabulous way for holidaying singles to meet new friends in their chosen resort and perhaps go snorkelling along the reef with them or kitesurfing at Kitesurf Paradise in Postie Lafayette.

So as you can see their plenty to do on an exotic beach holiday in Mauritius; Why not consider it when you look at booking your next holiday?

Image credit: Matteo Fini, Sofitel So Mauritius, Matthias Ott

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