Enjoy a Romantic European River Cruise

by Dave
Cruise ships on Danube River in Budapest

Over the centuries, the famous Danube has been synonymous with romance, intrigue and unforgettable memories. It is the second-longest river in Europe. Cruises upon its tranquil waters will provide any traveller with amazing experience that will last a lifetime. Originating in Germany, this river passes through the countries of Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. There are countless sights to experience and along its’ nearly 3,000 kilometres, and plenty of romantic excursions.

Sights Galore

Due to its sheer length, the Danube touches upon some of the most ancient and alluring cities within all of Europe. A handful of these include Munich, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. This is to say nothing of the quaint maritime villages. There is perhaps no better way to appreciate the rich history of Europe than through an alluring cruise down this ancient river system.

Ships on the Danube River

Ships on the Danube River

Pristine Views of Nature

Another massive benefit that adds to the attraction of any Danube cruise is the proximity to nature that travellers will often feel. Sights such as the Black Forest and the numerous protected nature preserves will provide stunning examples of a Europe that has not yet been encroached upon by mankind. Be certain to have a camera close by, for such photo opportunities should never be missed!

Food and Drink

Many Danube river cruises provide their guests with what can only be called a truly luxurious experience during their trip. Fine food, sumptuous wines, live entertainment, and state-of-the-art accommodations will all serve to heighten one’s experience. In more ways than one, guests may never wish to leave the boat.

Parliament Building in Budapest from the Danube River

Parliament Building in Budapest from the Danube River

Local Excursions

What better way to absorb the sights and sounds of Central Europe than by taking short excursions ashore during a cruise? There are various programmes to select; each one designed to suit specific time frames and budgets. Experience the ancient architecture within Budapest and Nuremberg, or sample delicacies at local markets while shopping for souvenirs.

Sit Back and Relax

Above all, guests can soak up this romantic atmosphere while basking in levels of unparalleled comfort and peacefulness. Whether gazing at the mesmerising waters or looking up at the stars on a cloudless night, even the most discerning tastes can be satisfied.

There are several different itineraries as well as on-board accommodations to choose from. Ultimately, a Danube cruise is not to be missed by anyone who has been searching for a novel and unforgettable way to enjoy a first-hand view of Europe in style.

Image credit: Nicolas Vollmer, Miroslav Petrasko

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