Holiday at St. Ives, Cornwall

Enjoy the Cornish Seaside

by Dave
Holiday at St. Ives, Cornwall

As we get older, one of the most important things we can do is create memories, and a family vacation should be at the top of your list of things that we will reflect upon and remember fondly.

Certainly, there are a myriad of options available when it comes to planning a getaway for your family, but a cottage holiday should be considered at the top of your list. That stated, there is no better place than St. Ives in Cornwall.

Located on the coast of the Celtic Sea, St. Ives has become a vacation destination for many tourists over the past few decades. As you wander down its cobbled stone streets, you will find that St. Ives offers something for every family, including fine restaurants, glorious clothing shopping, and art houses that will elevate your senses to enrich you in amazing ways.

Holiday Cottages

Whereas many tourists opt for a hotel stay during their family holidays, there is a different option. St. Ives offers holiday cottages, which can be an intimate experience for any and every family. The holiday cottages in St. Ives are plentiful, and most are within walking distance of all the great beaches and amenities St. Ives and its immediate area offers.


St Ives Beach in Cornwall

St Ives Beach, Cornwall

Picture your family in one of the lovely cottages and consider all they have to offer. They can benefit families of all ages, as you have an actual home to live in for your holiday. This means that your family can relax just like you would at home. This can be especially useful if you are trying to maintain a routine for children for meals and bedtimes. A cottage holiday also lets you experience what it would be like to become a part of the culture of St. Ives, as you feel like you live there!

St. Ives is widely considered one of the best holiday spots in England, and a cottage holiday is your best way to experience this traditional Cornish fishing town at its finest. A quick web search will bring up a wealth of options as to where you might stay and enjoy everything St. Ives has to offer.

With Cornwall and especially places like St Ives offering such high-quality holidays it is easy to understand why the county is so popular!

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